Friday, August 24, 2012

Romney Steps Over the "Birther" Line on the Eve of the GOP Convention

So I'm minding my own business resting like the doctor told me to do after my oral surgery yesterday (and feeling quite well, thanks all!) when I almost do myself serious damage falling off the couch as the words "No one has ever asked me to see my birth certificate" actually come OUT of Mitt Romney's mouth.

Either his media trainer needs fired or his campaign really is as snake-belly low as the leftist pundits would have us believe. As I noted in a comment I made over on Facebook, "Any media person worth their salt sits down with you before you go "on" and reminds you not only of what message you're supposed to stay on but on what string you don't want to give the other side to "pull."

I watched one of Obama's spokespeople do a great job on that a few minutes ago on MSNBC when Andrea Mitchell tried to get her to say that the Romney's comment on the birth certificate was "race based." Taking that bait makes the headline "Obama accuses Romney of race baiting" instead of "Romney sinks to birther comment" ... so she side-stepped it with "I wouldn't say that ... although this is clearly an appeal to the fringe elements of the conservative base

And then there was this from my friend Louie Crew on Facebook -- who isn't running for anything so can speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth:
"When I turned 21 in 1957, I registered to vote for the first time, in Anniston, Alabama. The only black person in line was a man in a suit reciting the Constitution of the State of Alabama from memory, while the of us waited. He had to start all over again a couple of times when he made a mistake, but soon did it flawlessly, and was registered.

When I got to the head of the line, I explained that I did not know the Constitution of the State of Alabama had to be memorized. The person in charge said sternly with a snarl, "You're white. We know you can read." Perhaps she was Romney's cousin. Egregious racism!— Louie

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