Thursday, September 05, 2013

#NATL Project -- "Not All Like That Christians"

It's the brainchild of Dan Savage of "It Gets Better" fame -- a series of videos launched on a platform designed to give voice to Christians who keep explaining that we're "not all like that" in response to the rabid rhetoric of the religious right ... in rebuttal to the Pat Robertsons, Michele Bachmanns and Jerry Falwells.

Check out the project here ... and consider loading up your OWN witness to God's inclusive love. Seriously. We did this one in five minutes with one take. You've got your stories to tell ... and Dan Savage is giving us a platform to tell them. Ready. Set. GO!


MikeC said...

Glad to see this. I've known Savage to be very anti-religion and even once responded to a podcast of his with a NALT comment. Dan's intro video on the NALT site was impressive - he *heard* all those comments, and even better *did* something about it.

Thank you for participating, Susan. Your message was clear and direct.


It's a HUGE switch-around for Savage ... he had to do more "evolving" on faith voices than Obama did on LGBT equality. So I totally want to give credit where credit is due ... and he's getting a ton of blowback from uber-atheists and religion-phobes.

IT said...

Good job! Also hugely important that the voices of LGBT Christians are present.

RonF said...

< threadjack >

I curious as to your thinking on the Syria situation.

a) Do you think President Obama has explained what his objectives would be in making such an intervention?
b) If you think he has, do you think that it is clear how what he proposes do do will achieve his objectives?
c) Do you think the case has been made such that we should definitely or definitely not intervene?
d) If you think that the case has been made that we should intervene, what course of action do you think is justified?
e) Do you think that Pres. Obama should or should not intervene if he fails to get Congressional approval for such intervention?
f) If you think that he should not, and he does not get such approval, but uses military force anyway, what actions if any do you recommend on the part of either Congress or private individuals such as you and I?
g) Commentators on various media outlets have stated that regardless of whether Pres. Obama is right or wrong on this, Congress should vote to approve the President's authorization request because otherwise he or the U.S. would appear weak and indecisive, or would lose credibility. Do you agree?

< /threadjack >


Whoa ... dude ... I have a day job and it's the week before Homecoming. If I had time to blog on this I would.

Suffice to say: Pray for peace and work for justice.

RonF said...

Cool. I'm actually not trying to be confrontational in the matter. I am curious as to your thinking.

RonF said...

Indeed, pray for peace and justice always. I'm not pretending there's easy answers in this matter.

LGMarshall said...

-- Its dangerous to teach your flock that God is not Judmental. There are over 65 scriptures in the bible about God's Judgement & 100s about his type of Justice.

'So i will come near you in judgment',-- 'for judgment, I have come into this world',-- to die once and after that face judgment', --'stand before God's judgment seat', --' have confidence in the Day of Judgment', --'because the hour of his judgment has come',-- 'fall under the same judgment as the devil', --'appear before the judgment seat of Christ', etc..

Why is God so Judmental!?

It's our Sin. We've missed the mark of God's Holy Perfection. God abhors our sin. As evidenced by 60+ scriptures in Gods Word about sin.-- 'sin is crouching at your door!', --'each is to die for his own sin!',-- 'in your anger, do not sin!',-- 'if your hand causes you to sin!', --'the sting of death is sin!', --'if we claim to be without sin!', --'there is a sin that leads to eternal death!', --'no one that continues in sin has the Father!', --'they parade their sin like Sodom!', --'for there is no one who does not sin!'...

It's dangerous to teach that 'everyone' is a Child of God.
If, as you teach, Everyone is A Child of God, then Jesus' death on the Cross is null & void. Telling everyone they belong to Him regardless of their Faith, is a mockery of his Ministry of Salvation .

... To become a child of God, Jesus says, 'You must accept what I did on the Cross, be in agreement that sin leads to death, Beleive & Stop Sinning.' ...'THEN, you belong to Me, and will have Eternal Life with Me. Otherwise, you will spend eternity withou Me, in Hell.' John 1:12, Romans 8:16, 1John3.1,

Re NALT: By definition, All Christians agree with God's puposeful distinctions that originated from Creation. [He narrowly prescribed sexual relations as One Man & One Woman in Marriage.] Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:18, 2:22, 2:24, 2:25.


Just in case anyone needs an "Exhibit A" of what Kind of Christian we're Not All Like just read the comment above from LGMarshall.

I have neither time, energy nor inclination to do a point by point rebuttal ... suffice to say what I believe is dangerous is projecting your own ignorance and homophobia onto God and presuming to represent your sadly, narrow, exclusivist interpretation of the Gospel as definitive for all Christians.

Which. It. Is. Not.

SO ... thanks for stopping by and helping make the #NALT Christians case for why the voices of Christiants NOT like that are so important.



LG ... I "slept on it" and am opting to decline to give over the comments on this blog as a platform for your rants against progessive Christians and President Obama.

I'm not worried about the Lake of Fire, I don't subscribe to a literalist approach to scripture and life is kinda too short to keep going round and round on the hampster wheel.

Go listen to Ed Bacon's sermon from today -- "We Can Find Our Way" ...

... and have a great day.