Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time for thank you notes to Kansas, kids!

If you missed an episode of The Arc of History Bending Toward Justice, there was an effort to bend the arc backwards in Kansas last week when the Kansas House of Representatives passed what was quite a shockingly discriminatory bill ... which you can read about here.

The good news is [a] the Kansas Senate is reportedly poised to reject the bill (let's hope!) and [b] the Episcopal bishops in Kansas stepped up big time in opposition.
From the statement issued by the Bishops of Kansas and Western Kansas:

"This proposed legislation is reminiscent of the worst laws that permitted discrimination against people on the basis of color, sex or nation of origin. The intent of this bill is an affront to the beliefs of all Kansans who support equal treatment under the law for every human being," wrote the Right Rev. Dean E. Wolfe, Bishop of Kansas, and the Right Rev. Michael P. Milliken, Bishop of Western Kansas. "Kansas history is filled with examples of standing up for the expansion of rights – in our abolitionist, free state roots; as the first state in the country to elect a woman to a political office; and as a place identified with contributing to the end of school desegregation. We have a high calling to provide equality and equal opportunity to everyone."
So here's what happens when bishops step up like that ... they get mail. And (trust me) a lot of it will be hateful, hurtful and ugly enough to give Jesus a sick headache. So our job -- yours and mine -- is to make sure we step up ... like the bishops did ... and send them a note of thanks for their witness.

Doesn't have to be long. Doesn't have to be complicated. Just have to write it and hit "send." (Here's mine:)
Dear Bishop Wolfe/Milliken,

Just taking a minute to write and add my voice to those offering grateful thanks for your willingness to speak up and speak out against the draconian anti-gay legislation recently pending in Kansas. Your strong, prophetic stand makes me proud to be an Episcopalian and is truly an outward and visible sign of our baptismal promises to strive for justice and to respect the dignity of every human being. God bless you in your work and witness.

See? Easy. So go. Do it now.

Bishop Wolfe --

Bishop Millken --

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