Saturday, April 05, 2014

Report from Sabbatical: Day Final!

Yes, time flies when you're having sabbatical!

After nearly three months off, I'm back in the ASC saddle tomorrow -- celebrating at 9, in the Rector's Forum with the amazing Jane Goodall at 10:15 and teaching "Proclamation and Evangelism" to the confirmation class at 11:15.

But today was all about baseball and opening weekend at Dodger Stadium.

The start of the season always makes me think of my daddy ... pictured here with me and son Jamie in 1983. Daddy taught me to keep score and to watch the fielder -- not the fly ball; to root for your team -- not against the other one; and that a bad day at the ball park was better than most days anywhere else. (Today was one of those for Dodger fans, I'm afraid. But the season is young!)

Carrying on the tradition, here we were today -- watching the Dodgers get slammed by the Giants -- and having a great day anyway. #grateful

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