Wednesday, October 28, 2015

On the Eve of a New Era

"It's about a better world now and the best world over yonder. It's about both. It's about transforming this earth so that they will be done on earth as it is in heaven." -- Bishop Michael Curry

Count me in as a big Michael Curry fan. Love his energy, passion and focus on both proclaiming and exemplifying the Good News of God in Christ Jesus.

I love his commitment to the church as movement rather than institution -- the dream of God so expansive that the church has settled again and again for worshiping rather than following Jesus to make the dream come true. I swear half the time he opens his mouth and Verna Dozier comes out.

I was convinced from the moment I knew he'd agreed to let his name go forward that he was exactly who we need at this time and in this place to lead the Episcopal Church forward into the next chapter of it's work and witness. In fact, I had the chance to quote Esther 4:14 ("for just such a time as this") to him during an encounter in Salt Lake City.

So I'm excited. Part of me wishes I was getting on a plane tomorrow like the boatloads of other friends and colleagues heading to Washington for the Investiture Festivities but this one just didn't have my name on it. I had the privilege of being there in 2006 for Katharine's and it was a huge highlight and milestone. But Sunday is also our parish Feast Day -- and our rector Ed Bacon's final All Saints Day at All Saints Church after 20 years as rector -- so I'm helping hold down the fort here in Pasadena.

Meanwhile, I love the buzz, the energy and the excitement. And I love that even the secular media -- in this case PBS Religion & Ethics Weekly -- is helping us tell the good news of a church ready to rock and roll for Jesus on the other side of the Inclusion Wars. Can't get the embed link to work but check it out online here ... you'll be glad you did.

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