Thursday, July 24, 2008

The bishops go to London today ...

... for a march for social justice across Lambeth Bridge, etc. to draw attention to the MDGs (Millenium Development Goals). That makes it a quiet day for us here in Canterbury ... a welcome respite to the busy schedule we've been keeping.
Trying to get some laundry caught up we've got the telly on, hoping they'll cover the bishops in London but so far SkyNews is more interested in the sex orgy scandal trial of someone named Max Mosely than they are in 690 Anglican bishops marching to end world poverty. (This would be one of the things that is NOT different on this side of the pond!)
Last night was our Voices of Witness "Fringe Event" ... an opportunity to screen both "Voices of Witness 2006" and to preview "Voices of Witness: Africa" -- the two compelling records of the voices of LGBT Anglicans the Communion seems to keep forgetting it has committed to listen to.
Here are a few pictures from last night. And now we're off to figure out the laundry thing. More later from Canterbury!

Photographers shoot the discussion panel following the DVD screening.

[From left to right Louise Brooks, +Christopher Senyonjo,
Davis Mac-Iyalla, Mia Nikasimo, Michael Kimindu,
Katie Sherrod and Cynthia Black.]

Our intrepid Integrity team recording the event for posterity.
(Jon Richardson and Michael Bell)

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Malcolm+ said...

By way of context, Max Moseley is the head oof Formula 1 auto racing.

The Nazi concentration camp theme of his S&M tryst is given additional curiosity factor since he is also the son of the late Sir Oswald Mosely, who was founder and head of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s, and a big fan of Adolph Hitler.

This does not invoke Godwin's Law since it is simply a statement of fact.