Thursday, January 08, 2009

Iglesia de Todos los Santos "Misa Bilingue "

Our bilingual service celebrated its third anniversay on All Saints Sunday ... and last week, had a visit from the "Tres Reyes" ... pictured below and with members of the congregation.

The congregation was also featured in the liturgical calendar created by the Nat'l Church Hispanic Ministries desk -- we were "Miss January!" (or "Senorita Enero!")

Every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. The music is great, the congregation welcoming and it's a totally happening place to be! Come check us out!


Fred Preuss said...

So Hispanics make up, what, about 2% of all episcopalians now?
Wow-soon you'll be as diverse as New Hampshire!


Sorry, Fred ... I guess I don't get your point.

airedale said...

Nice Hats

JimB said...

Am I the only guy wondering if anything would please Fred? If Hispanics are only 2% of our membership, I have no idea, but doesn't that represent a mission opportunity?

Oh, wait! I forgot, the church is supposed to be limited to God's chosen: white, European ancestry, males, preferably with good English accents served by submissive attractive white women. How forgetful of me!

{Jim reaches for his jewelry box and selects the Rom ear ring for his dinner tonight. He picks up his Christos Victor rosary and places it in his pocket...} I guess I am part of the dreaded diversity. Better run Fred! The 'gypsies' are coming to church!


Muthah+ said...

!Que bueno!, Madre Susana. Feliz dia de los Reyos.

Brother David said...

By way of explanation, Revda Susan, Fred Preuss appears to be an atheist. He appeared some months ago and then was gone. He has reappeared over the last few days and is making the rounds of the progressive blogs making such little-black-rain-cloud, hit & run remarks. Last night he made a wise crack about Gypsies at Mad Priest's blog, where Jim also participates. A bit of a troll in some folks minds.

¡Muchas Felicidades a la parroquia de Todos los Santos de parte de la parroquia de la Segrada Familia, Diócesis del Norte, Iglesia Anglicana de México! Me gustó mucho las Coronas de los Reyes.