Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Spirituality 101" on The Oprah Winfrey Show today

So here's why I think this is a bigger story than "my boss is on TV:"

When was the last time you saw an Episcopal priest in the media talking about something OTHER than [a] reacting to the latest news from schism central or [b] talking about "sex"????

Which makes this the "Breaking News:"

The fact that the rector of one of the largest, most progressive Episcopal Churches in the country is on national television today as part of a panel on faith and spirituality is a HUGE step forward for those of us who have worked so long to get progressive faith voices "out there" and to convince the media that there actually ARE people of faith who are not religious fundamentalists.

In a world where people are searching for meaning and where religion is too often used as a weapon, this chance to share the radically inclusive love of God to such a wide audience is a huge gift.

And as we begin a New Year AND a New Administration, it is a great opportunity to invite people who may have "given up" on religion back into dialogue and conversation -- and maybe back into community!

Here endeth "the pitch." We'll be watching the segment together as a staff this afternoon ... check it out -- if you can -- and let me know what you thought!


James R. Scarantino said...

I caught this segment on Oprah. I kept waiting for the Episcopal priest to say one incredibly, all-important word about the focus of his spirituality. I never heard it cross his lips. That word: Jesus. Nor did I hear him say three other massively important words for Christians: The Holy Spirit. What's up with these omissions? Seriously. I was flabbergasted that a Christian minister had a national audience and did not once mention the Son of God. I don't even remember him saying "God." Now, if I missed something I stand corrected. But if I didn't, seriously, what's up with these omissions?

Gerti Reagan Garner said...

For Jimbo - Ed mentioned God in one of the best and most impactful sentences of the show,"Being gay is a gift from God." His saying those words was a pivotal point in the show.

I totally agree with Jeremy. I was somewhat put off by Oprah's behavior.

Ultimately, having an hour on national TV to talk about spirituality is an amazing event in our society. And how wonderful that our rector has gained the recognition to be invited to such a discussion.