Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Christ the King" 2012

Heading off for "Christ the King Sunday" -- always the last Sunday before Advent -- and the conversation over on Facebook lured me into my own sermon archives to find this:
"Christ the King has been co-opted by those who understand the Reign of Christ to be not about the Lordship of Love but about obedience to orthodoxy. The king whose throne was a cross and whose dying words were “My God, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” has been replaced with a judge whose message is “My God will not forgive you unless you are doing it my way.” It is time for us to find our voices and reclaim the historic faith we have inherited: to pro-claim the Good News of the Gospel of Grace whenever and wherever we can; to challenge those who preach the Jesus of Judgment by our serving instead the King of Love."
I preached it in 2004 and I think it still works today.

Happy "New Years' Eve" Church! [AKA "Here Comes Advent!"]


Catherine said...

He is indeed the King of Love....thank you, Susan.

faithful said...

These are powerful and true words.