Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thus spake Bishop Steven Charleston

Loved this piece by the ever-eloquent Steven Charleston:
You are not lost. Not to me.
And never will be.
No matter where you may be,
no matter how far or deep or dark
or empty or alone or confusing or new
or complex or tangled
or bad or difficult,
I will find you.
I will find you and I will be with you.
I will come to you and hold you and care for you
and uplift you and protect you
and heal you and save you
and bring you home.
So you never need be afraid.
Never.For you will not be lost, not to me.
I have you. Now and forever.
Be at peace and rest in that peace.
You will never be in a place my love cannot find.
So says our God.

[Bishop Steven Charleston | November 2012]
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Tracey said...

What a beautiful post. I read it over a couple of times so it could 'marinate.' Speaking of 'marinate' (lol), wishing you and your family the BEST of blessings of giving thanks. From my table to yours my friend, Happy Thanksgiving. You were named amongst my blessings @ my place. :-) Love, me.