Saturday, February 02, 2013

Yes ... I said "Mississippi!"

Missed this "Breaking news" yesterday from our friends over at Episcopal Cafe ... but it's never to late to share good news!!
According to CJ Meaders @cjmeadersiii, live blogging the Annual Council #diomscouncil of the Diocese of Mississippi, the Rt Rev Duncan Gray has announced that he will give permission for use of the same sex blessing rite in the diocese. He also called for the election of a co-adjutor: (Read up from bottom of stream:)

"I have chosen to take this step so that the deep emotion can be born by me and not at the outset of new episcopacy" B. Gray

Re: optional same-sex liturgy..."No congregation or clergy will be asked to betray their conscience."

"There will be trial and provisional use of the Liturgy for same sex blessings in our diocese."

Bishop Gray: "I am formally and officially calling for a Bishop Coadjutor"
So there you have it. And good for him! Anybody so inclined to drop Bishop Gray a note and thank him I suggest you act on that inclination right now ... Lord knows he'll be hearing from folks on "the other side of the aisle" (as we speak, heads appear to be exploding over at Stand Firm) and it's never a bad time to exercise a ministry of encouragement! Click here to send an email to Bishop Gray's office. Go ahead. Do it. Now. (Seriously!!) You'll be glad you did! :)


SCG said...

Thank you note e-mailed. I posted on this amazing development this morning. Really, if Mississippi can do this, why does Florida continue to stick its head in the sand of Jacksonville Beach??

Unknown said...

I, too, sent a congratulatory e-mail. Very Brave decision and he is going to get a LOT of flak!