Monday, February 25, 2013

What making history looks like in Texas

Busy Monday. No time to blog. Hardly time to check email. Check email anyway. Find one from Blake Rider with link to "first episcopal church gay wedding in the state of texas." Follow link. Find fabulous pictures of joy filled day of celebration and blessing. Take time to blog anyway. Life is short ... too short to miss the chance to celebrate when history is made!

Mazel tov, Anthony and Dennis! Together 23 years and now "blessed to be a blessing." May God continue to bless your love, your covenant and your journey ... and thank you for your witness which has been a blessing to us!


JCF said...

What a handsome couple. Mazel Tov!

robert said...

I went to my former brother in laws wedding at st David's in Dallas years ago. He was on his third marriage at that time. One woman, then another guy, and this made #3. I think he lives in south beach now with # 5. Still, no worse than, and maybe a little better than Elizabeth Taylor. Mazeltov to the happy couple, but I don't think it the first in Texas.


It is absolutely NOT the first in Texas ... however it IS the first to take advantage of the newly authorized rites for blessing approved by our General Convention last year and "launched" in December.