Saturday, July 19, 2014

The White House ... OMG!!!

So it was a regularly scheduled Friday day off. I had laundry going, a shopping list written and vacuuming in progress. Sat down to check the news and look at email.

Opened email with Subject line: Signing Ceremony with President Obama on Monday, July 21. Read email and determine it is [a] not a fundraising pitch but [b] an ACTUAL invitation to the ACTUAL White House for the ACTUAL signing ceremony for the LGBT Executive Order on employment non-discrimination.


My first reaction was a text to a few colleagues ...
OMG! I just got invited to go to the White House for the signing of the LGBT Executive Order on Monday. No way I can actually go, but OMG!
And within minutes, the texts started to ping in. And before I knew it I had colleagues covering my Sunday responsibilities, a plane ticket, a place to stay in DC ... and my rector saying "Of course you're going -- it's a no-brainer!"

And 24 hours later I'm mostly packed, with a boarding pass printed out and ready to head to LAX tomorrow morning. And I still really can't believe it. Will be joining a great cloud of witness, including Bishop Gene Robinson, Dean Gary Hall, the Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge, Integrity E.D. Vivian Taylor, Harry Knox and MCC's Nancy Wilson.

Stay tuned. Film -- as they say -- at eleven!!


Ann Erdman said...

Yep, a no-brainer! God bless everyone who has made this trip possible for you.

Lerewayah said...


Gretchen R. Chateau
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