Saturday, August 16, 2014

This Sunday, don’t you dare be nice

h/t friend Rachel Nyback -- who posted the link to a blog I've not run across before. Totally bookmarking it. I'm not preaching this Sunday -- not out loud in a pulpit, anyway. But these words to preachers preaching this Sunday after this week strike a chord deep in my heart and in my belly this Saturday night:
"This Sunday, don’t you dare be nice. Don’t you be tepid. Don’t you put out a puff pasty Jesus-loves-us conclusion — not unless you’re saying it with your head up and your voice loud and your fist on the pulpit.

You make sure you are impeccable. You make sure you look like strong and capable and impressive enough to fly a helicopter of terrified people off a mountain where they have been in fear for their lives and their children’s lives and starving and thirsting for a week. Do you see that it is you who has to fly that mission on Sunday morning?

And please forgive my ranting. I just didn’t know where else to put this if not to give it to you." 
Read the rest here.

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