Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Breaking News from Western Louisiana

Yes, I'm still "recovering" from General Convention. No, I have not had time to either read or write everything about it I [a] want to and [b] plan to -- having launched directly back into everything I was going to worry about AFTER Salt Lake City in the arguably swirling vortex that is All Saints Church, Pasadena.

HOWEVER ... this update from the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana just came across my FB feed and I had to take a time-out to post it here. So here you go -- The Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana on Marriage Equality. (And no -- I honestly did not think I'd live long enough to see this. ‪#‎Seriously‬)
"The canon we passed contains the provision that no clergy person can be coerced to preside at a same-sex marriage. At the same time, the new canon requires that each bishop make some provision for access to these liturgies for couples seeking them.

The congregations that already have permission to make use of the previous trial liturgies have permission to use the newly authorized ones. So, as a diocese we are in compliance with canon law, and no additional congregations are required to make use of these liturgies.

We do not all agree. Living together amid our differences is our vocation. We are one in our belief in the risen Christ and in the Triune God. On these two doctrines we do not and cannot waver. However, there are matters—weighty matters—on which we can disagree while retaining our unity."
Read it all here.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled Wednesday.

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