Monday, February 06, 2006

Creation and Chaos

There's both creation and chaos going on at my house right now: my partner and I are creating a new relationship with the new puppy who has come to be part of our family and the result has brought CHAOS to what we thought was an already pretty hectic life.

Her name is Luna -- the little chaos maker, that is -- and she is a bundle of fur and energy and affection and sharp-little-puppy-baby-teeth. Her arrival in our midst from a Husky/Malamute rescue foundation just over a week ago has changed our schedule, re-organized our priorities, energized our aging shepherd-mix Harvey and given the complacent cats who are also part of our family more exercise than they've seen in a good long while. Quite a lot for only 11 weeks old and 9-pounds-and-counting!

Saying "yes" to adding Luna to our lives is already a lot like every other momentous "yes" I've ever breathed deep and voiced -- sometimes hearing the "s" hissing in the air and wondering if I was really up to whatever it was I had just said "yes" to. But like every other relationship worth building, bringing a new puppy into the orbit of our household life takes time -- it takes work and patience and love -- it's another one of those "inch at a time" propositions. Maybe not an inch that makes the Garden grow green again (in fact, I can already see some brown spots in the lawn outside my window!) but an inch that in connecting us to the Creator who created us in love to love one another -- all creatures, great, small and in-between -- may in the end be a sacramental relationship in its own right.

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Anonymous said...

Your new blog site is great - we look forward to having you here with us for our Gay Pride Eucharist this summer. Tim Raasch, Convener, Integrity Atlanta