Sunday, August 06, 2006

More from "As the Anglican World Turns"

PITTSBURGH -- The leader of a network of conservative Episcopal dioceses says the global Anglican Communion will unravel unless the archbishop of Canterbury helps U.S. conservatives distance themselves from the Episcopal Church.

So who is it that's "walking apart" again?"

Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan said that if Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams fails to address the concerns of U.S. conservatives "any hope for a Communion-unifying solution slips away, and so does the shape and leadership of the Anglican Communion as we have known them."

Why is this sounding so much like blackmail to me? Oh ... because it IS!

Bishop Duncan made the remarks Monday at a meeting of the Anglican Communion Network, which represents 10 Episcopal dioceses and more than 900 parishes with traditional views of the Bible.

That would be 10 out of 110.

Seven of the 10 network dioceses have appealed to Archbishop Williams as the spiritual head of the world's Anglicans to appoint another U.S. national leader for them after the June election of the new Episcopal presiding bishop, the Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori.

"Appoint another U.S. national leader for them ..." Sounds like innovation to me ...

To date, Archbishop Williams has only suggested that a two-tier Anglican fellowship, with traditionalists on homosexual clergy issues having a stronger voice, might be a way to preserve unity within the faith.

Because "separate but equal" worked so well now we're going to try "separate and UNequal"?

Religious Briefs, August 5, 2006 Washington Times

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Hiram said...

Here is the address of an article by the Rev Richard Kew speaking to the question of who changed what:

the title is "Cuckoo Theology." (The title refers to the nesting habits of the cuckoo bird, not to foolish theology.)