Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Recommended Reading: Other Voices, Other Worlds

This wonderful new addition to the study of human sexuality in the Global Anglican Communion, edited by the Rt. Reverend Terry Brown, Bishop of Malaita (Solomon Islands) arrived in my mailbox today.

From the back cover:

Anglican Churches worldwide are sharply divided on homsexuality. The "south" is said to be unanimously and consistently lined up against homosexuality as immoral and sinful, while the "north" (except for some 'orthodox traditionalists') supports it. The differences between the two are fundamental and irreconcilable.

This extraordinary book exposes this myth. Christians in Africa, Asia and throughout the developeing world -- bishops, priests and religious academics and lay writers -- open up dramatic new perspectives on familiar arguments and debates. They show that our understanding of sexuality has become narrow, inflexible and unimaginative. Other Voices, Other Worlds reveals a rich historical and cross-cultural complexity to the way in which homosexuality and same-sex relationships are understood and judged.

Published by Church Publishing

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Renee in Ohio said...

Thought you might be interested in this news from the Diocese of Southern Ohio...

Priest renounces ordaination in response to Resolution B033