Monday, August 28, 2006

Pluto Gets The Boot

Nothing like a little satire to start off the last-official-week-of-summer. Thanks to Lane Hensley, Rector of Transfiguration Church, Chicago and to the several colleagues who emailed this with an "you gotta read this" subject line! Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse's Dog No Longer a Planet

PRAGUE – Astronomers and space deputies representing earth and all stars met in late August amid loud boiling test tubes to sing a new song: Pluto is no longer a planet, they say. High anxiety replaced equally high hopes at the event. A more expansive understanding of the nature of the heavens gave way to a reactive circling of the wagons among the participants, whose work seemed arcane and irrelevant to most outsiders.

“Pluto has done ma-a-a-arvelous things,” said a spokesperson for the planet Saturn, the solar system’s second largest planet, “but one has to appreciate the gravity of the situation and acknowledge that Pluto’s precipitous and unilateral designation as a planet has caused confusion and pain throughout the galaxy.”

Read it all here ... and have a great Monday!

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