Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a peek ...

... at what a FABULOUS weekend we had at All Saints in Pasadena!

I've only got a minute this morning as we're off for a two day staff preaching retreat, but here are a few snaps to "whet your appetite" for more photos and reflection to come!

Bishops Robinson and Glasspool just before the Saturday "20 Years of Blessing" Eucharist.

Rector emeritus George Regas with Bishop Mary Glasspool

Bishop Robinson preaching on Sunday morning to a packed, riveted house.

[One great footnote: When +Gene checked his phone just after church, he had a text from from his assistant in New Hampshire saying "loved the sermon -- thanks to All Saints for streaming it!"]

Bishop Glasspool cracking up Ed Bacon in the Rector's Forum.

[Which everybody can see on the All Saints website and shouldn't miss!]


uffda51 said...

A great weekend. Thanks to all who put this event together.

JLacoss said...

It was a truly wonderful sermon. Thanks to all of ASC for bringing +Gene back again.