Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mazel Tov to a Bumper Crop of Brand New Priests!

A Bumper Crop of Brand New Priests: (from left, first row) John Livingston, Heather Erickson, Hsin-Fen Chang, Elizabeth Thayer, Patricia Ash, (second row) Bishop Mary Glasspool, David Erickson, Mary Crist, Karri Backer, Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce, (third row) Jeffrey Martinhauk, Bishop J. Jon Bruno, Matthew Bollinger -- January 7, 2012, St. John's ProCathedral, Los Angeles. (Episcopal News photo)

I wasn't able to be there today for the celebration, having been felled late yesterday by a close encounter of the bad ham sandwich kind -- from which I am still in recovery. (Oy!)

That said, I was honored to have been asked to be one of Jeff Martinhauk's clergy presenters AND delighted to see the long road to ordination for former-staff colleague David Erickson and his wife Heather culminate in today's celebration.

So Mazel Tov, all. And remember that the power behind you is always greater than the challenge ahead of you as you go in peace to love, serve and challenge in the name of the One who loved us enough to become one of us.

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