Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Washington Republican Weighs in on Marriage Equality

I watched a portion of the debate in the Washington state House yesterday before the vote on marriage equality and I was so very moved by the words of Republican Representative Maureen Walsh. Now you can be, too -- as her testimony is making the rounds on YouTube:


Daniel Weir said...

Thank you.

Pfalz prophet said...

I wonder how many people never have the experience of "walking in another's shoes," whether by upbringing and lack of exposure, or by missing empathy genes. How many people avoid the unpleasant reality of their own emotions, either because they don't fit the line they've been taught to follow no matter what, or because their power scares the bejeebers out of them. State Rep. Maureen Walsh is clearly not one of these people. She loves her daughter and knows what that love means and feels like. She also has had a proper education, observe her recognition that minorities have rights, too, which she and her legislature are charged with protecting.

We need more people to come out, more children, siblings, spouses, teammates, co-workers, confidants, people the straight, moveable middle know and trust. Then will we change the world. One person at a time.


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