Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"Can they sink any lower?" turns out to be a rhetorical question

Of course I'm talking about the 112th Congress -- which, it turns out, has done less than the famous "Do Nothing" Congress of 1947-1949 -- and is (TBTG!) done, done, DONE tomorrow -- and not a minute too soon!

But wait ... it turns out they actually DID do something. No, it wasn't work to find bipartisan compromise on the issues that challenge this nation, it wasn't figure out a deal that would keep us from going over the #fiscalcliff until we were actually over it, it wasn't passing the Violence Against Women Act or -- shockingly and as hard as it is to imagine -- it wans't disaster relief for the victims of Hurrican Sandy.

No -- they didn't do any of THOSE things.

Here's what they DID do. (Are you ready???)

From the Huffington Post:
WASHINGTON -- House Republicans may have complained loudly during the "fiscal cliff" debate about the need to rein in government spending, but that didn't stop them from agreeing Wednesday night to sink even more money into defending the federal ban on recognizing gay marriage.

A GOP source told The Huffington Post that, during a closed-door meeting of the House Republican Conference, lawmakers gave a green light to including language in the 113th Congress rules package that authorizes the House legal team, known as the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG), to keep paying outside counsel to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court. The proposed House rules package also states that BLAG continues to "speak for" the House in its defense of DOMA.
No, I am not making this up. This is what passes for leadership in the GOP House: finding funding to pay for legal defense of the indefensible (so called) "Defense of Marriage Act" which makes a mockery of the 14th Amendment by putting the equal protection guaranteed all Americans out of reach of gay and lesbian couples who have been lawfully married in one of the nine states or the District of Columbia.

Seriously. Bring on the 113th. It can't some soon enough.


Matthew said...

They also failed to reauthorize the Violence AGainst Women's Act -- according to Boehner, they just ran out of time. SRSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not a fan of acts that require constant reauthorization in the first place, but thats another issue.

And I LOVED Chris Christie's take down of them over Sandy relief. Oh that was precious. Find it online if you haven't watched it yet. Its pretty sad when you cannot make time on New Years Day to pass disaster relief.

Matthew said...

Oh, but they did have time to repeal Obamacare 33 times. So, you know they did something!!!