Thursday, January 17, 2013

DC Bound!

Yes, I know it's a commemorative invitation and won't actually get you in anywhere. But I actually DO have tickets to Monday's Inaugural -- thanks to my former Congressional Rep. Adam Schiff. And I'm am looking forward IMMENSELY to being in our nation's capital celebrating with a few hundred thousand other folks the upcoming festivities as we launch Obama/Biden 2.0!

Yes, I know it will be cold. Yes, I know I can see it better on television. And yes, I know there won't be as many people as last time. Thanks for sharing.

What I also know is it's an historic opportunity -- and I'm thrilled that I get to be there. Photos and reflections to come. And look for me when they scan the crowd. I'll be the one in the down coat with the hat and scarf and the big grin on my face! :)


Pat Holmes said...

Good for You. Go and have a wonderful time. Looking forward to future thoughts and reflections.
Pat Holmes

Pat Holmes said...

Now be careless and unconcerned and have a good time. Looking forward to future reflections and comments. In our prayers.
Pat & Bev

janinsanfran said...