Friday, June 28, 2013

Icon of Equality

Oh, I've got dozens of more colorful photos of the last few amazing days. News reports and victory rallies. Rainbow flags and Stars and Stripes. Celebratory worship services in cathedrals and inspiring press conferences in front of the Supreme Court. And yet for me this is the Icon of Equality.

Because at the end of the day this is what equality looks like: a just released memo from the Office of Personnel Management granting equal benefits to all Federal Employees -- ending the marital apartheid system that granted health insurance, life insurance and survivor's benefits and the legions (over 1100) federally protected rights to some -- not all -- marriages.

No, the Death of DOMA does not bring liberty and justice to all. It does not bring marriage equality to the 37 states still failing to live up to the American dream of a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the propostion that ALL people are created equal. It does not end employment discrimination for LGBT Americans. And -- for all the sweeping reforms it provides for same-sex couples and their families it came in the shadow of a Supreme Court decision that took Voting Rights away from other Americans.

So we have miles to go before we rest -- that is a fact certain. And we also take heart and gain strength for the journey ahead by being able to look at this Icon of Equality -- in all its simplicity and beauty -- and know that the power that brought us this far will continue to carry us forward until we make liberty and justice for all not just a pledge we make to our flag but a reality we live in our nation.

God bless America and La Lucha Continua!

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Catherine said...

Great post, Susan+. Thank you.