Monday, June 02, 2014

Aligned With God's Love

Preached on May 25th -- forgot to post this last week.

The question isn’t where we’re going;
the question is, what kind of journey will we take to get there?

Will we stay plugged into the GPS
of God’s values of love, peace, justice and compassion?
Will we listen when it is time to recalculate
in order to stay on course and avoid
the pitfalls and potholes the world and culture can throw our way?
Can we challenge not only ourselves
but our institutions to recalculate when we, or they, get off course?
Can we trust, as Verna Dozier put it:
"that if we live today by the light that is given us, knowing that it is only finite and partial, we will know more and different things than we know today, and we can be open to the new possibility we cannot even imagine today.”

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