Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"But the Bible Says ..." Liberating Ourselves from the Bible as a Weapon of Exclusion

"We owe the precious gift of the scriptures that are our heritage as Christian people too much to allow them to be hijacked and used as weapons of oppression rather than as means of grace. And it has perhaps never been more important for us to know our story in order to both claim it and to proclaim it."

The leaders of the GALAS ministry here at All Saints Church asked me to come and do a presentation on "the clobber passages" that continue to be used (AKA "misused") to hijack the Good News of the Gospel and turn in into Bad News for LGBT people.

They picked the Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend and so I figured we'd have 8 or 10 diehards ... and we had 80 people -- which told me there's still a deep hunger to reclaim the good news in order to debunk the bad.

Here's a video of that presentation ... power point stumbles, stammers and all. (With deep appreciation and much credit to Mel White, whose "What the Bible Says and Doesn't Say About Homosexuality" was both source and inspiration.)

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