Saturday, August 08, 2015

Meanwhile, in the Diocese of Albany ...

The Times Union published this feature on folks making the choice to leave the Diocese of Albany over the continuation of sacramental apartheid for same-sex couples.
"This was a difficult personal decision, but I can't teach the U.S. Constitution to my students and go to a church that discriminates against a group of people," said Alice Malavasic, an assistant professor of history at Hudson Valley Community College who attended All Saints for more than 20 years and taught Sunday school. She was the first to send [Dean] Collum a letter informing him that she left the parish. Her letter referred to [Bishop] Love's position on marriage equality as "hostile and bigoted."

"Bishop Love literally segregated the cathedral from the Episcopal church and out of principle I won't attend a segregated cathedral," Malavasic said. She recalled an incident when she was a teenager in 1970 in her hometown of Russellville, S.C., and the Church of Christ her family attended built a new school for its white children, rather than send them to a public school with black children.

"That troubled me deeply as a teenager, and I wasn't going to accept segregation as an adult," she said.
It is, of course, a source of deep grief that congregations continue to experience divisions because of the fuller inclusion of the LGBT baptized in the Episcopal Church. But there is a point where enough is enough .. and it's worth it to drive across the border into the Diocese of Vermont where "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" sign doesn't have an implicit asterisk that reads *unless you're gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender -- or opposed to segregation.

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