Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the bottom line is ...

Episcopal Life Online is reporting:
Members of the Episcopal Church's Executive Council February 13 learned that diocesan financial contributions to the wider church's budget exceeded what was expected in the 2007 and will likely also increase in 2008 ... Overall, the 2007 budget included about $1.9 million in increased income. The 2007 budget year ended with a $1.05 million surplus, compared to an anticipated $807,935 deficit. The savings came ... through the higher diocesan income, increased interest on short-term reserves, and a control of expenses.

You can read the rest here ... but could we get a little "shout out" for some GOOD News about TEC -- which is clearly not heading to hell in a handbasket nearly as quickly as some of those "across the aisle" would be having it so!

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