Friday, February 29, 2008

Rebuilding Communion -- Who Pays the Price?

From the Lambeth Conference 1998 to the Lambeth Conference 2008 and Beyond

In progress at St. Deniol's Library in North Wales, this important conference is based on the forthcoming book Rebuilding Communion (Monad Press, 2008). The aim of the book -- which will be sent by LGCM to every Bishop attending the Lambeth Conference -- and the conference is simple: to review the last 10 years since Lambeth 1998; to listen to experiences of Lesbian and Gay Anglicans from the worldwide communion; to sketch out possibilities for the future of Anglicanism.

John Clinton Bradley (Integrity administrator) and Michael Hopkins (Integrity past-president) are in Wales attending the conference and John has been blogging on it over at Walking With Integrity:

So far he's posted reflections on presentations by:

Stay tuned and keep the good work of those gathered at St. Deniol's in your prayers!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

All boys? Hmmm . . . .


Savi's a girl ... (I know, I know ... one out of five isn't exactly ideal, but nevertheless...)