Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday at All Saints ...

... we had a visitor from Nigeria!

It was great delight for us here at All Saints, Pasadena to welcome Davis MacIyalla -- one of those gay people of which there aren't any in Africa -- to share in witness and worship with us.

Davis is the Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria and he spoke at the Rector's Forum (video here) ...

... and then joined us for worship on this Third Sunday in Lent.

Here we are in the obligatory "candid shot" after church, with Jim White, member of the All Saints vestry, founding member of Claiming the Blessings and chair of the L.A. Deputation to GC'09. (We just call him "Mr. All Church All the Time.")

Davis is on his way now to a conference in Wales -- Rebuilding Communion: Who Pays the Price? -- where he will be presenting a paper, along with other LGBT leaders from around the Anglican Communion (including our own fabulous Michael Hopkins.)

So Godspeed, Davis! Great to have you with us in Pasadena. Looking forward to seeing you in Canterbury this summer and beyond!



Lindy said...

I am glad to see Michael Hopkins writing and speaking. He seems to me like one of the bright lights that we might do well to put out there a little more often.


Michael is indeed one of the BRIGHTEST lights ... do make a habit of visiting his blog ...
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