Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another plot development ...

... in "As the Anglican World Turns" Land!

I'm on my way out the door for a memorial service this morning that will take me away for most of the day, but wanted to quickly post up links to this "breaking news" in Anglican Land.

Yesterday, Jonathan Petre posted a story entitled Secret plan to avoid church gay split ... which led to George Conger's Presiding Bishop Backs US Deal ... (guess the "secret deal" wasn't so secret!) ... which precipitated this letter of clairifcation by Bishop Howe of Central Florida posted today on Episcopal Cafe.

So ... what does it all mean?

Because I'm in a hurry, let me defer to this comment by Stand Firm's Matt Kennedy, posted today over at Titusonenine:

I see this, again, as nothing more than an expansion and internationalization of DEPO. It is too little too late, but worse, it is a recipe for the eventual defeat and destruction of internal resistance within reappraising jurisdictions. And, to top it off, as others have already noticed, there is no discipline whatsoever envisioned in this plan for TEC. The orthodox are seen as the divisive and difficult ones.
Perhaps, Matt, that's because they ARE!

More later ...

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