Sunday, January 10, 2010

MUST READ: The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage

So I thought I knew what my Sunday evening looked like. Do a little webfutzing -- fold a little laundry -- watch a little television.

Then the phone rang and now I'm out of my sweats and back in my suit-and-collar getting ready to head out to do a Channel 7 News "stand up" on tomorrow's opening arguments in the lawsuit challenging Proposition 8 in the California Courts.

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In preparation for chatting with the reporter in about 45 minutes, I got handed a copy of this piece in the current issue of Newsweek: THE CONSERVATIVE CASE FOR GAY MARRIAGE.

Here's the link to the online article.

Go read it. Now. Really. Trust me.

Need a "tease?" OK ... here you go:

Americans who believe in the words of the Declaration of Independence, in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, in the 14th Amendment, and in the Constitution's guarantees of equal protection and equal dignity before the law cannot sit by while this wrong continues. This is not a conservative or liberal issue; it is an American one, and it is time that we, as Americans, embraced it.


Just Me said...

Thanks for posting. I do think there is a lot of confusion on the "left" about who is who; conservatives, by nature, aren't against gay marriage. Libertarians aren't against gay marriage. The majority of the Tea Party group isn't against gay marriage. It's really only the right-wing activists who are against it.

The conservatists, libertarians and Tea Partiers are FOR the constitution and FOR individual freedom. The line about gay marriage being an American issue couldn't be truer words spoken.

As a conservative-libertarian actively involved in the Tea Party movement, I can honestly say that personal religious beliefs cannot constitionally dictate law in this country. If "we the people" can successfully take back America from the hands of corrupt dictators, all of Americans will have the opportunity to be free.

Jim said...

I think both the article and Just Me have a point. It is unwise to lump fiscal conservatives, libertarians and real conservatives with the theocracy advocates. Or to quote Barry Goldwater on the subject, conservatives should line up to kick Jerry Falwell in the ass.