Monday, December 17, 2012

Marilyn McCord Adams on Sandy Hook

With thanks this morning to Episcopal Cafe's Daily Episcopalian for "The slaughter of the innocents" -- reflections on the unspeakable tragedy of the Sandy Hook shootings by the inimitable Marilyn McCord Adams. She concludes:

"We can’t make Sandy Hook meaningful
by looking backward,
but only by moving forward,
by working alongside
a God Who is for us,
to make good on the very worst
that we can suffer, be, or do.
God knows,
God has created us
in a world where ghastly evil interrupts,
despite our best efforts to control.
God not only creates;
God resurrects.
God makes the worst count for good
by bringing life out of death.
To be on God’s side,
we must bend ourself
to efforts that foster life,
inclusive community,
and creativity.
Collaboration revives hope
because it convinces us: 
we are safe because,
and only because,
we are loved by God!"

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