Saturday, November 02, 2013

THE END IS NEAR ... (of Daylight Savings Time!)

Turn your clocks back an hour tonight ... or show up early for church tomorrow!

"A Sonnet To The Return Of Standard Time" by Caroline J. Kenney

O precious hour – return’d to me at last!
Once stolen from a dreary Sat’rday night

Under false pretense that we’re ‘saving light’.
For energy we use does not decrease
And I, for one, can shop without the sun.
The farmers have opposed without caprice....
All Hallow’s Eve was dark when I was young.
But when the leaves around begin to turn
To colors -- ah! Vermillion tinged with gold –
And chill o’ertakes the air, I start to yearn
For that sweet stolen time to be paroled.

I’ll treasure you, dear hour, tho’ briefly. Then
In four short months, they’ll steal you back again.
h/t Elizabeth Kaeton

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