Saturday, October 14, 2006

In Other News ...

... A piece of the sky widely rumored to be about to fall remained firmly in place as the Archbishop of Canterbury's PANEL OF REFERENCE for the Anglican Communion issued its "Report on the Diocese of New Westminster."

You can read it all through the above link ... and you should ... but here are a few key points :

"The Panel of Reference cannot recommend the proposals of the applicants for transfer of jurisidiction ..."

"The most desirable outcome, as stated in TWR is for the theological dispute to be resolved and for reconciliation to be effected within the Anglican Church of Canada."

and here's my favorite part:

" ... the congregations should be willing to regularise their connections with the diocese, in matters such as diocsean synod attendance and the pyament of diocesan assessments ..."

Some other folks weren't so thrilled:

Gregory Venables (Primate of the Southern Cone) was quick to call the report "tragic"

The Living Church offered two articles: Panel Rejects Jurisdiction and Panel Report Called Inadequate.

Stand Firm decreed the report: Quite underwhelming, desperately cautious, toothless. Anyone who reads this will understand that they will fully support ECUSA’s DEPO in any appeal.

Stay tuned.

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