Friday, October 06, 2006

More on San Joaquin

Strong (and welcome!) Words from The Episcopal Majority

Here's an excerpt from the commentary on the recent announcement of the proposal in the Diocese of San Joaquin to amend its canons in order "to transfer all relationships and communion from ECUSA to an Anglican Province" from our friends over at The Episcopal Majority:

This move is breathtaking in its illegality and in its arrogance. ACN-affiliated dioceses like San Joaquin seem to persist in giving to the Archbishop of Canterbury a role as a kind of Anglican pope. He is not, and never has been. Further, they cede to overseas primates a legal standing that those primates do not have in our church canons or in our state or national legal codes. They have neither the right nor the power to determine anything concerning the Episcopal Church. Apparently, the Bishop of San Joaquin and some number of his diocese believe wishing it makes it so. It does not.

A more honorable course for Bishop Schofield has long been open to him. It is open to all those who wish to leave the Episcopal Church. They could, as their consciences seems to indicate, simply leave the church and form some "pure" denomination of their own. Instead, they attempt to have their cake [steal property of the Episcopal Church] and eat it too [insist that theirs is the "authoritative" view]. Such actions smack of hypocrisy and a lack of courage. We invite them to leave if their consciences can no longer tolerate the Anglican mode, while we would hope they would not depart. But this constant effort to steal the assets of the Episcopal Church only reveals their crass materialism, power-mongering, and lawlessness.

Read it all here ... and let's give thanks, once again, for those willing to step out and speak the truth: like the emperor with no clothes these schismatics have no scruples.

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