Monday, June 23, 2008

Honored, I'm sure!

I woke up this morning to an email from my friend Jenny Ladefoged -- longtime L.A. Deputy and former ECW President -- which cryptically said:

Dear Susan, Congratulations - good company! love Jenny

Hmmm ... I wondered. What's THIS about?

Well, pretty soon the email inbox starting "pinging" and I found out.

It was "about" what Episcopal Cafe is labeling "The GAFCON Eight" ... a list of eight folks pictured on a "watch list" described by Ruth Gledhill as "The eight men and women pictured here are on the official list of those to be denied entry to Gafcon should they try to show up."

In case you can't make out the pictures, the list includes Colorado Bishop Robert O’Neill, Nigerian gay activist Davis MacIyalla, Louie Crew, Colin Coward, Scott Gunn and Deborah and Robert Edmunds.

Honored, I'm sure, to be in such august company! (And I'm going to email Ruth and see if there's any chance of getting a copy of this for my scrapbook!)

And, just for the record, Integrity never had any intention of "showing up" for GAFCON ... in fact, we haven't even bothered to send a member of our media team to this one. There are indeed times and places and gatherings about the Anglican Communion where Integrity has felt called to show up -- but this isn't one of them.

The gathering in Jerusalem which at one point painted itself as a alternative Lambeth Conference (which makes as much sense as the bishops of Fort Worth and Pittsburgh having a conference and calling it an alternative to General Convention!) is so busy back-pedaling it's hard to keep track of the spin du jour.

Jim Naughton does his usual excellent job of helping keep it all straight (so to speak:)

GAFCON’s high profile leaders don’t have the strength to force the schism they yearn for. Too few provinces are on board, and not all of those provinces are united in their desire to leave the Communion. Indeed, the people I have spoken to at the conference suggest a wide range of opinion on the issue of schism, even among those devoted enough to fly to Jerusalem to talk about it.

So the leaders of GAFCON are attempting to dress up strategic failure as the dawning of a new phase of their march toward victory, hoping that the media will bite. After five years of schismatic maneuvering, they have said, in effect, that they will associate closely with some Anglicans while trying to make life miserable for others--a state of affairs in no way different today
than it was last month, last year or last decade.

And that, my friends, is why the GAFCON security guards can rest easy tonight.
I actually have a full-time job and it isn't lurking around other people's conferences "without portfolio." Sorry to disappoint!

Of course we will be at Lambeth Conference next month -- a very different kettle of fish altogether. Our extraordinarily gifted media team will be providing daily updates. Our national leadership team will be collaborating with allies from around the Anglican Communion to offer the opportunity for an LGBT witness to the Good News of God in Christ Jesus manifest in our lives, our relationships and our vocations. And we will be working with our bishops to support their witness to their brother and sister bishops during their time together as they strive to strengthen the bonds of affection that bind us together as part of the this Great Big Fat Anglican Family.

If you haven't yet contributed to the Canterbury Campaign making this witness possible, it's not too late. Click here to donate online ... or visit the Canterbury Campaign website for more information.

As for me, it's hi-ho, hi-ho and back to work I go. Eucharist at noon, a counseling session at 2, a communication meeting at 3 and then a Memorial Service. (See also: the full time job that isn't lurking about other people's conferences)

Blessings, all! Onward and upward!



Unknown said...

Well, this really ought to put an end to all the blather about "reconciling" with the other side. Difficult thing to reconcile with someone who won't even let you in the door, don't you think?

David Starr said...

Congratulations, Susan. You should be proud, indeed!!

cangunner said...

It is not unusual for the LGBT activists in the past to get disruptive where they are not called and certainly, there can be nothing wrong in GAFCON putting in place a sign to prevent uninvited "intruders" to their meeting...afterall, even LAMBETH is by invitation.

What is good for the Goose should be fine for the Gander.



So explain Rob O'Neill and Robert Edmunds ... the Bishop of Colorado and the chaplain to the Bishop of Jerusalem. Hardly disruptive "gay activists" ... and we're not seeing Lambeth Palace "banning" anyone from observing what goes on in Canterbury next month. Quite the opposite, actually.

cangunner said...

Hi Susan,

The point is that Gafcon is invitational. Messrs O'Neill and Edmunds have not been invited.

David@Montreal said...

sorry but these folks are not only delusional, they're verging of paranoid

and this business of breaking into 'All hail the Power of Jesus Name' should Susan, Louis, or Bishop O'Neil turn up? Sorry but this is religous hysteria verging on witchcraft.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Send in the clowns. Don't bother, they're here.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

You know, one of the ways you can always tell when the uber-Calvinists and neo-Puritans have really messed up is when the Bullies on Viagra maintain absolute, strict silence about it.

Makes me giggle to think they actually believe they are not conspicuous by their silence.

Unknown said...

"The point is that Gafcon is invitational."

I trust you agree, therefore, there is no point in pretending there is any point to "reconciliation" with that crowd.