Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A peek at the man behind the curtain ...

Ruth Gledhill, blogging from Jerusalem, posted this interesting bit today:

This is a rare photograph of the millionaire Howard Ahmanson, pictured here at Gafcon in Jerusalem.

He has made a name as a funder of the conservative Anglican cause in the US, as revealed by Jim Naughton in Following the Money. He has a delegate's badge around his neck, but has to my knowledge played no public role in the conference. I can't help but feel that his presence here is significant however. He is a friend and prayer partner of the chief executive of the American Anglican Council, David Anderson, and has a history of funding Christian right missions with an anti-gay objective.
My, my, my!

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uffda51 said...

What can you say about a guy who inherits a gazillion dollars and then makes the case that Scripture warns against minimum wage laws? Just to prove that he's a well rounded American success story, he also funds anti-gay equality groups. What do you say after "I'm speechless?"