Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anchors Aweigh!

The Office of Navy Chaplains has become the first branch of the service to authorize the use of Navy chapels for same-sex weddings. No kidding. Here's a link to the memo updating chaplains on current policies, including this info:
The times they ARE a'changin' ... maybe not as fast as we'd like in some places and then faster than we might have believed possible in others!!

Meanwhile, the American Family Association is -- of course -- livid and is -- of course sending their folks off to contact their senatores and representatives "asking them to stop unlawful homosexual advocacy and social engineering within our military."

So take a minute and join with me in contacting YOUR senators and representatives and applauding this action by our Navy modeling what liberty and justice looks like for ALL. Here's a link for the House of Representatives and here's one for the Senate.

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