Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day off for baseball

Yesterday was a day off for baseball. In spite of the challenges the Dodgers are having this year both on and OFF the field, they've been "my team" since my Daddy took me to the Coliseum to watch them play while they were building Dodger Stadium. We watched the park being built -- with "field trips" over to check up on the progress from our house in Eagle Rock -- and were there on Opening Day Numero Uno ... and my love affair with the Boys in Blue continues ... in good times and in bad.

Yesterday we had AMAZING seats ... thanks to a long time friend of Louise who got them from her Uncle Phil.

We lost -- 1-0 on an unearned run. But the weather was great, the seats were fabulous, the company delightful and the Dodger Dogs ... ah, but I go on.

Will have more to say about all sorts of things later on, but right now it's off to a Sunday full of church still grateful for a Saturday full of baseball.


uffda51 said...

Sounds great. I had about the same seat last Saturday at Fenway Park. My first time. A good time was had by all despite a two-hour rain delay.

Then I went to the Old North Church for Mother's Day. Quite a place. Makes ASC seem brand-new.

JCF said...

Looking forward to ... defeating * your team Wednesday and Thursday! };-)

* Was going to say that word that rhymes w/ "defeating" (starts w/ "b") then I remembered Bryan Stowe. :-(


JCF said...


[Ridiculously] more important than the Giants sweep, is that Bryan Stowe is said to have opened his eyes. Healing Lord Christ, bring restored health to your beloved child!