Thursday, December 15, 2011

+Gene Robinson on MSNBC

Bravo, Bishop Robinson!! Great job on MSNBC this morning!
It is breathtaking (and not in a good way) when someone who aspires to be the Commander in Chief denigrates the soldiers he means to command. Just like all the other soldiers in our military, our gay and lesbian soldiers are dodging bullets and IED’s to preserve our rights as Americans. The right of all Americans to represent their country in our military is now the law of the land, a law that Gov. Perry apparently disagrees with and presumably would work to change if elected president.

The blood of gay and lesbian soldiers flows as readily and as redly as that of other young Americans fighting in Afghanistan, yet Gov. Perry feels free to use them as political cannon fodder for his campaign. In an attempt to garner conservative Christian votes, he would stigmatize these brave young men and women who are, as we speak, risking their lives on our behalf. If this is patriotism, count me out!

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JCF said...

From the sublime to the obscene:

[Alleged "ex-gay" Joe] Dallas told Mefferd that church leaders who are gay, such as Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, or who support gay rights are all asking for God’s judgment. “So I really tremble for Bishop Robinson and the many other leaders who are in essence perverting the truth that they have been commissioned to speak,” Dallas said, “and I don’t want to be anywhere near them when they stand before God.” He went on to compare Christians who back gay rights to cultists and Nazis who distort scripture. (Here.)


God bless and love ya, +Gene!