Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Came Early to Mountain View Street

Yep ... Santa came early to Mountain View Street in Altadena this morning. Only he wasn't wearing a red and white coat and hat ... he was wearing a bright yellow vest and hard hat.

And he wasn't driving a sleigh full of toys to deliver ... he was driving a dump truck full of debris to remove.

As the San Gabriel Valley continues to clean up from the historic "wind event" that wrecked havoc here the first week of December, the clean up crews made it to our street this morning and we are VERY grateful to finally have the piles of leaves, branches and palm fronds on their way to the landfill.

So this Christmas Eve I'm giving thanks to Public Sector Santa ... represented even as I write this by the workers on our county and city payroll who are working overtime out in front of my house to clean up storm debris and patrolling our neighborhoods to keep them safe and responding to 911 calls when emergencies happen ... and, and, and.


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