Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The ABofC Speaks ...

The Archbishop of Canterbury has issued his response to ECUSA's response to the Windsor Report's request for a response: "Challenge and hope for the Anglican Communion." Read it here.

And then:

Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold issued a statement June 28 in response to the Archbishop of Canterbury's release of a reflection entitled, "The Challenge and Hope of Being an Anglican Today, A Reflection for the Bishops, Clergy and Faithful of the Anglican Communion."

The full text of Griswold's statement follows: I am greatly encouraged by the Archbishop of Canterbury's timely call to the provinces of the Anglican Communion to join together in exploring our Anglican identity. I am one with him in his desire to develop a covenant capable of expressing that identity amidst the complexities of the world in which we live. I believe it is possible for us hold up a renewed vision of what it means to be Anglican Christians.

The Archbishop's has helpfully raised up in his text the constituent elements of classical Anglicanism, namely the priority of the Bible in matters of doctrine, the Catholic sacramental tradition and a "habit of cultural sensitivity and intellectual flexibility that does not seek to
close down unexpected questions too quickly." This both reminds us of the tradition that has formed us and points us to the future.

The conclusion of this lengthy process is now unknown. Therefore is it misleading that some, in responding to the Archbishop's lengthy theological reflection, have focused their attention on speculations about a yet-to-be determined outcome. And, as we enter into that process
of discernment, we must never forget that God can always surprise us, and that the church is not our possession but is an instrument of God's reconciling love in the world.

The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold
Presiding Bishop and Primate
June 28, 2006

P.S. You can also listen to +Frank on NPR's "Fresh Air" by clicking here: he talks about Canterbury's response as well as the election of the first female Anglican primate.


Anonymous said...

FTG is living in a delusion. He has just been shown the door and he's talking about continuing the conversation. This is rich.

Anonymous said...

Actually to be kind to our Presiding Bishop I think he has been totally out-thought and out-flanked, and he doesn't know where to run for cover. Give him a day or two and he will find a suitable passage from --- well --- somewhere --- that explains --- something to --- someone. Then he might be able to go back to those lovely rounded sentences with long words, and extremely little meaning.

ie give the poor bloke a chance

Anonymous said...

I post because I think your echo chamber needs a voice of reality every once in a while. I hope reality isn't too disturbing to you. Outside, there is also sunlight; you can check it out for yourself, if you dare. Yes, I do concur, 815 is leading people to a false god, so what they are doing is certainly not good.

Anonymous said...

PBS on Thursday? When. One of our local affiliates has the Jim Lehrer News Hour but the other is showing "Barbecue America" and "Chefs of Napa Valley," meaning I may finally have to learn how to program my VCR.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 2:59 -- It's a humor piece. A HUMOR piece. You can live another week without learning how to program your VCR.

Anonymous said...


I hope that this thought is not beyond your ken: but I can actually do the mission and spend a few minutes here.