Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Diocese of Newark Announces Candidate Slate

Press Release: June 28, 2006

Integrity applauds the Diocese of Newark for offering a stellar slate of qualified candidates to replace retiring Bishop John Croneberger -- and is delighted that the list includes the Reverend Michael Barlowe, an openly gay priest who has beenin a partnered relationship for 24 years.

Today's list, released less than a week after the Episcopal Church passed a resolution calling for "restraint"in the election of any bishop "whose manner of life" presents a "challenge"to the greater communion is received by Integrity as a tremendous sign of hope for the Episcopal Church and for its commitment to the full inclusion of LGBT people in the Body of Christ.

"The resolution passed on the final day of our General Convention contained veiled language calling for the discrimination against gays and lesbians in this church," said Integrity President, the Reverend Susan Russell. "We are very pleased that the Diocese of Newark has declined to be bullied into bigotry."

"We recognize that had the language in question been in place prior to the election of our Presiding Bishop-elect Katharine Jefferts Schori we might not be preparing to celebrate the gift of the first female Primate to the Anglican Communion," Russell continued. "Our prayers will be with the Diocese of Newark, that they may be given the same faithful courage in electing their next diocesan bishop asthe Episcopal Church was given in electing our next Presiding Bishop."


Renee in Ohio said...

So, more of those "interesting times" you mentioned earlier, huh?

Excellent point that the wording would have applied to our Presiding Bishop Elect.

At my Religious Left Blog I put up a post entitled "Anglicanism for Dummies". I figured there are a lot of people out there who don't know any more about the church than I did a few years ago when I found my way to it, and there are some basics it helps to know when people are reading the latest "schism" stories.

Anonymous said...

I think Integrity's prayers would be better focused on the Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe and his family as they endure the slings and arrows of those who would rather Barlowe not be in this process. He is very brave to allow his name to go forward, if nothing more, than as a symbolic gesture that this church will not turn back.


dear "br" -- I hope you will receive as a "friendly amendment" to your prayer request the suggestion that in this case it truly is a "both/and" ... and that prayers indeed are in order for Michael, his family and for any OTHER LGBT clergy currently in discernment in episcopal election processes. Stepping out in faith at this particular time in the life of the church is in and of itself a leap of faith -- and Michael deserves our deep gratitude for his courageous witness

Anonymous said...

Moratoria does not equal discrimination. Those are two different words and concepts. Clearly those at Integrity would not abide by any GC resolution they did not approve. Sauce for the goose and gander but protested because those listening had the audacity to say "no"? Now Newark says "no" and where is his grace the PG Griswold to protest that action as he has requests for alternate primatial oversight? Visiting Castro again?

Lorian said...

Inked said: "Moratoria does not equal discrimination."

What an amazing assertion. It would certainly seem to depend entirely upon what the moratorium in question was formulated to forbid, wouldn't it?

For instance, a moratorium placed upon interracial marriages would clearly constitute discrimination against those of different races who fall in love and wish to marry, would it not? A moratorium upon the hiring of women for government jobs would certainly constitute discrimination against women, don't you think? How, exactly, would a moratorium placed upon the promotion of GLBT candidates to the office of Bishop not constitute discrimination against said GLBT candidates?

I cannot follow your reasoning in this statement.