Saturday, June 24, 2006

More Links to GC06 Post-mortems ...

They saved the worst for last ... reflections on Columbus by Louise Brooks (brilliant producer of "Voices of Witness" and my fabulous partner.)

A Wide Open and Wounded Heart ... sermon by the Reverend Michael Hopkins

"Peace. Be Still" Marching Orders from General Convention ... just posted by Witness Magazine.

The Best We Can Do ... heartfelt reflections by the Reverend Elizabeth Kaeton


Anonymous said...

I love the piece by "The Witness". What a wonderful contribution for those of us who care about the communion that has no name, the relationships created, nurtured and maintained by the lay people in their respective communities... the ecumenical and interfaith communions that are present today because GLBT Episcopalians have been doing the work that they are called to do.

I appreciate the Anglican Communion. But I'm not going to sacrifice human beings so my diocesan bishop can enjoy trips to Africa and Lambeth Palace.

Renee in Ohio said...

Since this post mentioned the Voices of Witness video, I wanted to repost this comment that I'd posted while people were still in traveling mode...

Is there a transcript somewhere of the Claiming the Blessing: Voices of Witness video? It seems like that would allow it to reach more people. I did an illustrated transcript once here.

But for some reason I can't do screen captures like that for the Claiming the Blessing video. The screen just goes black when I try. If there isn't already a transcript available, I guess I could just do one without pictures. But I thought I'd check first.

Anonymous said...

"My gay brothers and sisters in Integrity and their straight allies were a well-oiled machine on the HOD floor as they rose to speak against this resolution. It was amazing to watch how well orchestrated the loyal opposition was. And while it looked like an effortless process, we know from all the late-night and early morning strategizing, that it was the product of years of hard work."

The perspective of the LGBT side of this issue seems to be that when something you like happens at GC, the "well-oiled machine" and "late-night and early morning strategizing...[and] years of hard work," are just part of getting the Spirit where you want it, but when you don't like what happens, its because of railroading by the other side. But who has been doing the railroading? A locomotive is certainly a "well-oiled machine, and the "orthodox" folks likely feel like they've been getting run over by the "revisionists'" well-oiled machine for the past 30 or so years. It looks, then, like both sides have been doing their share of railroading and the Spirit, which both sides claim is driving the train, has been left waiting at the station.

All aboard!