Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mike Luckovich Does It Again

Thanks to Elizabeth Kaeton for forwarding this "picture worth a thousand words." It seems to me that there are striking parallels between the concerted efforts of the current administration to ignore the truly pressing issues of national concern by exploiting the "gay marriage" issue and the concerted efforts of the radical right in the Episcopal Church to hijack the mission and minstry of the church by exploiting the LGBT inclusion issue.

More from Columbus shortly ...


Catherine said...

I just love a good cartoon!

Anonymous said...

Let's can the "Hijcacking" language. A case can be made that the conservative wing of our denomination is simply responding to the hijacking by the progressive/left/whatever you want to call it wing in 2003 and before.

Jeff Martinhauk said...

Paul -

Perhaps. But I think that the "hijacking" term is appropriate, seeing as the conservative wing is collaborating with other provinces to replace the Episcopal Church in America, etc. Whatever your thoughts on the movement over the past 30 years in TEC, none were as malicious and underhanded as the closed-door efforts of the AAC, the Network, Uganda, Nigeria, and the like.

That's a hijacking, in my world.

And, by the way, I'm all for the inclusion of the conservative wing in the Episcopal church. AND I'm for that as long as they come to the table with open hands and open hearts, but NOT when they have secret, malicious, or unstated agendas that ultimately call for the destruction of the Episcopal Church.



Sorry, Paul ... there's a distinct difference between a thirty year process of acting on the resolution stating that gay and lesbian people had "full and equal claim" on the church and the insistence since 2003 that the inclusion of LGBT people in the church means the end of the communion, the church and probably western civilization.

It's the same kind of hijacking we're seeing in the public sector with a few conservative voices continuing to raise the "gay marriage" issue to polarize and electorate actually more interested in a dozen other more pressing issues.