Friday, June 30, 2006

Comic Relief


Anonymous said...

ROTFL, 'cause I'm a 'pisky and I can imagine what the other mainstream denoms are thinking. No, not thinking. Dreading.

What say all we progressives just give it up and ask to merge with UCC.

Oh, and BTW, Name that Trinity, two more possibilities: poverty, chastity, and obedience, and its analog, sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.

Pfalz prophet

Anonymous said...

I know you were probably not serious, Anon, but I am always curious: Why DON'T the Progressives just ally with the UCC? It seems like such an obvious solution as the belief system is so similar. Or do you just love a good fight too much?


eve ... that would be David Anderson of the AAC who when asked why he stays in the Episcopal Church stated "Because I like a good fight."

I certainly can't speak for all "progressives" but for me, while I think the UCC is a perfectly fine church, it isn't mine. It isn't the one I was baptized in, confirmed and ordained in, that taught me to find Jesus in the sacraments at the altar and in the faces in the homeless ministry.

And as an historical note, in the 60's when "progressives" dared to suggest that we should (shudder!) integrate our congregations they, too, were told to go somewhere else ... to abandon the church of their birth and go to church with "them" ... whose belief system was similar.

I think we'll stick it out like they did. Thanks for asking.

Catherine said...

I sent this to my priest. I figured after being a deputy at convention, she could use some ecumenical comic relief. Thanks for posting Susan+.


Anonymous said...

An interesting cartoon, and yes it is funny. The irony though, is that while its poking at the Presbyterians, its also taking a swipe at the "Holy Mother Jesus" wing of the Episcopal Church. Satire often escapes the satirized.


bryan ... actually, some of us got that part and thought it was funny