Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Helpful Rhetoric from the Religious Right

A couple of questions arise immediately for me on this one: what happened to being "People of the Resurrection" ... and if the schism has already happened, does that mean we can get back to the Gospel?

'Prepare for Crucifixion,' Bishop Duncan Tells Fort Worth Clergy

Citing the example of Peter, the disciple who returned to Rome to face certain death, the moderator of the Anglican Communion Network told a May 31 gathering of clergy of the Diocese of Fort Worth to prepare for a "crucifixion," but assured them that in the long run "God will reform his Church."

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Unknown said...

In order to get to the Resurrection, we must go through Good Friday and the Cross of Jesus. This is a season of Good Friday, at least it is for me.



Of course there's a reason for Good Friday ... and there's an even better reason not to get stuck there.