Saturday, September 22, 2007

Autumnal Equinox ...

I'm told that autumn begins this year at precisely 5:51 a.m. EDT on Sunday, September 23 ... but since that's 2:51 a.m.PDT (AKA the middle of the night around here) I'm going to jump the gun a little and wish everybody ....
An Absolutely
Awesome Autumn

[Brian Andrew Russell, AKA Mr. Pumpkin Patch]
circa 1987


Anonymous said...

Mother Susan,

The defining issue for me as one who is first a Christian, secondarily a Catholic, and thirdly, and Anglican, is what we are to the least among us. At least that is what the Gospel teaches. What does that have to do with the sex life of the Bishop of New Hampshire, which in my mind is of the same level of importance as the sex life of fruit flies? It is so interesting that the conservatives are so selective in their biblicalism...David Justin Lynch, Esquire

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure what the last comment has to do with Brian in the pumpkin patch, but I will dig up pictures of Alex and Kimmie in that same pumpkin patch, very likely taken the same day.

Anonymously Bruce


Me either, Boof. Methinks it was an errant post.


Looking forward to the pix -- love to the goils!

Renee in Ohio said...

Since I seem to recall someone around here having dogs with blogs, I thought you might enjoy this. And it's actually vaguely autumnal equinox related.